Why choose L'Erbolario

A bove all because creams, lotions and perfumes are the fruit of a successful combination of herbalist wisdom, tried and tested over the centuries, and the scientific scrupulousness inherent in modern cosmetics. you can be sure of giving well-being and beauty, of promising a minimum of happiness! With around 400 different products, there are infinite possibilities of choice and combination.

Parcels of all sizes

L’Erbolario is proud of the quality of its products and the work to improve them constantly, always finding new applications for the treasures concealed in nature, is what absorbs its greatest energies. It is also convinced that elegant clothes have a certain importance and therefore has always taken great care with packaging. This has led to highly attractive packaged products, in our opinion, which frequently become scented gifts. In order to contain them in the best possible way, here are bags and boxes, both small and large, which are appealing even before they are opened.


It is easy to satisfy all tastes and keep within your budget. You can amuse yourselves by imagining what will be most appreciated by your energetic and sporting partner, by mum who does not hide her fear of ageing, by a daughter harassed by the minor beauty traumas of adolescence, by a vain woman friend who is also concerned about the environment, by the sophisticated lady who is also house proud, by granny who prefers the fragrance of happier years…

Do you have to or want to make a small present? You can start with a talc, an extract, a pot-pourri … All you need is a personalised ribbon, or packaging with an elegant bag which will turn it into a sophisticated gift.

Do you prefer a slightly, much or considerably more expensive gift? Here there is unlimited choice and, for the combinations, your imagination is required. You can choose from specific categories (face, body, home etc.) or perfumes (lily-of-the-valley, honeysuckle, jasmine, rose, moss, sandalwood etc.) or simply by choosing and matching products which are liked most: the patchwork effect will in any case be highly effective.

The ranges are well assorted and the game can be extended further, matching for example, with a single fragrance: bath salts, soaps, bath foam, perfumed oil, talc, eau de parfum, extract, scented sachets (for drawers, wardrobes, luggage, cars), room fragrance etc. For every use and every category there will be the appropriate box. A bed of helichrysum, roses or lavender will create a background and enhance the colours and patterns of the packagings.


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