TThe name L'Erbolario brings to mind the ancient term "erborare", meaning to gather herbs in the fields, in order to study their beneficial properties. This is what the family of Franco Bergamaschi, the founder of L'Erbolario, did together with his wife, Daniela Villa, who is a biologist and cosmetologist. The starting point for their activities were family recipes, tested and improved by experiments, research and distillation. This led, in 1978, to the opening of La Premiata Erboristeria Artigiana L'Erbolario, with the aim of manufacturing natural, plant-based cosmetics which were valid and effective. As the years passed, the scientific research became more meticulous, more extensive and rigorous, using the valuable contribution of the fathers of Italian phyto-cosmetics, including Professor Gianni Proserpio. It has, in fact, always been part of L'Erbolario philosophy to consider as essential the alliance between the precious knowledge of the past and the undeniable conquests of the future, between traditional phyto-therapy and modern cosmetology.

Going from success to success
from 1984 to 1994

In 1984, L'Erbolario took a major step forward when it moved its production activities to a more suitable location in terms of size and structure. The leading edge active substances, obtained from plants using advanced technologies, made L'Erbolario cosmetics even richer and more high-performance, whilst the microbiological and chemical-physical checks became even more rigorous. The effectiveness of L'Erbolario formulations is therefore recognized, appreciated and celebrated by a number of consumers which increases from year to year.

The new production plant

An important goal was achieved in 1994, with inauguration of the new production plant. The architecture is reminiscent of the traditional farmhouses of the Lodi area and the building stands in a natural garden stretching over almost 200,000 m2 within the Parco Adda Sud. A perfect place to live, but also an environment to be protected: L'Erbolario has, in fact, always stood out for its commitment to the search for and choice of the best technological solutions for limiting environmental impact.


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